Saturday, 30 June 2012

A new edit, a new cover.

The new cover.

A new edit deserves a new cover (with a more easily readable cover for amazon), as work continues on getting The Binary Man up to scratch for paperback printing.  I have also worked out a new blurb for the book to go on amazon which will hopefully better reflect the way the story plays out.  I'm still working on Heal The Sick, which is developing nicely.  So much to do, if only I had more time!  I have two weeks of holiday coming up soon, so hopefully I can polish off the re-edit then.

Friday, 29 June 2012

The long quest...

I was woken up by my strangely awake tiny daughter at five o'clock this morning, so I decided to have another go at re-editing The Binary Man.  This is a comma purge people, but will take a while!  I'm not going to be focusing on it except in the wee hours, as I want to get the first draft of Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead done by the end of August, but it will get finished eventually.  Especially as will allow me to publish in paperback for free (paying only for a proof copy) as they print on demand when an order is placed.  I won't let The Binary Man see paper again until it's had a full colonic!

Wednesday, 27 June 2012

The Binary Man goes wooden!

Well, whatever the equivalent is.  It's not gold, not platinum, but after my latest little two day sale The Binary Man has been downloaded over 1000 times (combining free and paid for sales).  The ratio is still 9 - 1, but it's better than a kick in the joolies!

Tuesday, 26 June 2012

The next book...

Too soon for another post?

Well, I'm home alone so this time is as good as any.  My second book's first draft is well underway, with 20,000 words already done and the plot thickening better than my wife's gravy.  I hope.

It is turning out to be much more of a slow burner than The Binary Man, with the living dead making an appearance (I don't want to use the term zombie as I think it takes away something of the unnatural disquieting nature of a walking corpse). 

I have also bitten the criticism bullet and submitted The Binary Man to a selection of websites that specialise in indie authors.  Two rejections so far, but I have been offered the chance to do an author interview, so I'll post it here when it gets done!  Here's hoping it will push me gradually towards that elusive first royalty check...

Off the ground!

My first book is now available on amazon (for kindle, apple devices or PC)! 
It had been languishing on my hard drive for the best part of two years before I stumbled across the opportunity to publish it as through their kindle direct service.  It's a great opportunity for anyone who's finished something and wants to get it out to an audience without having to go through the mill with regards to agents, etc.  I was still a bit unsure about whether it was a good idea as I had only shelved it due to some honest if vague criticism, but then I decided to man up and put my cojones on display (figuritively) ready for everyone to take a punch.

Hey, it's far from perfect, I know that.  It's self proof read, contains a bit of grammar tomfoolery, but I think it will appeal to a small minority, and hopefully this way it will find them.

I have also been given the writing bug again, managing to get 1,000 words down most days (which as anyone will tell you with two small (and excellent) children is a tough ask).  My next book is tentatively titled "Heal The Sick, Raise The Dead".  Check back for more details soon!